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Understanding Suffering (Christian Bevacqua)

Understanding Suffering (Christian Bevacqua)


Suffering is one of the dominant experiences in our modern society. When we suffer, the impact is felt by all those around us – and in that sense suffering is a type of social disease. In order to correct it, we must first understand the mechanics of it.  

Suffering occurs when our expectations do not match what is actually happening. More specifically, it is our attachment to those expectations which creates resistance – resistance to what is really happening – and it is that resistance which causes the tension and friction we perceive as suffering. 

One of the benefits of Vedic Meditation is the ability to spontaneously let go of rigid attachment to particular timings and outcomes, fully trusting that in the larger picture Nature knows best how to organize. Vedic Meditation is a practice of aligning our intelligence with that greater intelligence which we call Nature’s Intelligence. 

When we are not in alignment with Nature, we grieve. We suffer because we have a misperception of the evolutionary process, of what is really going on. This misperception requires us to burn up adaptation energy, which adversely impacts our ability to meet demands with grace and equanimity. We become stressed and unable to adapt to change. 

When we are aligned with Nature and go with the flow, suffering evaporates. As we reduce our suffering, our adaptability grows and our stress levels decrease. A new cycle begins – more adaptable, less stressed, and more joyously frictionless experiences. Aligning ourselves more and more with Nature is simple—the practice of Vedic Meditation works every time. 


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