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Healing Stones, Crystals and Gems

Healing Stones, Crystals and Gems


From the majestic mountain ranges to the great water-carved canyons, our Earth is adorned with colorful rocks, light capturing crystals, energy giving gems and healing stones. For thousands of years, these natural Earth elements have been used as decorations, therapeutic tools, and natural medicinal fundamentals. Even the Egyptians Pharaohs were buried with an abundance of these precious stones, crystals, and gems, not only for protection but for a promising afterlife.

There is no doubt that across all cultures, and into the modern era, healing stones were used and kept around. This is because different stones hold different healing qualities and energetic frequencies. Just by wearing them, or holding one in the hand can help align, calm, uplift or relive the wearer from pain. Stones, made from the Earth, has grounding and protective qualities. They can help the wearer gain mental insight, cultivate abundance, love, and gratitude, and keep the heart full and open.

Keeping with the natural rhythms of your every day and staying in tune with the environment, healing stones, gems and crystals are a fundamental accessory to optimal health and wellbeing.

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